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HDPE Pipe Manufacturers

What’s HDPE pipe?

HDPE pipe, also called high density polyethylene or polyethylene pipe, is made of HDPE granule material. Firstly, it was made by PE63 material, and then PE80 material. Till now, most of HDPE pipe is produced by a improved generation, called PE100 material.

Here in Sunplast, we provide HDPE pipes that are made by PE100 material & PE80 material only.

What’s the meaning of PE63, PE80 & PE100? What’s the difference between the HDPE pipes that are made of PE63, PE80 & PE100?

The designations PE63, PE80 & PE100 are based on the long-term strength of the respective materials, known as the minimum required strength (MRS) in accordance with ISO 12162.

The main differences between the HDPE pipe that are made PE63, PE80 & PE100 are the density, viscous stress and quasi-static stress. The HDPE pipe made by PE100 material has a higher strain hardening modulus than PE80 & PE63, and offers better viscous stress and quasi-static stress, which allows thinner pipe wall for the same pressure rating.  

For example: for the same diameter HDPE pipe & same wall thick, such as:DN110×10.00mm in SDR11, for PE100 material its pressure rating is PN16 bars, while PN12.5 bars for PE80 & PN10 for PE63.

What’s SDR & PN means in HDPE pipes?

SDR, also called Standard Dimension Ratio, refers to he ratio of the outer diameter to the thickness of the HDPE pipe, which is SDR=OD/WT.

PN refers to nominal pressure of HDPE pipe, referring to the normal pressure for water transportation at 20℃.

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